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First off, many thanks to Brenda Drake and everyone involved for organizing and troubleshooting everything PitchWars! The contest word couldn’t revolve without you. And special shout out to the fabulous Dannie Morin for organizing the Mentee Blog Hop and the hilarious Christopher Keelty for starting this fabulous bio idea.

So without further ado, here’s my mentee bio!

1. I experienced an earthquake while on an island. Also, it was 3 AM.

If that proves anything, it’s that I’m tough and can take anything any mentor throws at me. Even the crazy editorial ones.

2. I grew up in a home with multiple food intolerance (like all nuts, dairy, and corn were no-no’s in my household.)

Lactose intolerance? Fear not. Gluten to be avoided? I can handle that, too. Vegan? I got you covered. If you’re looking for a mentee to bake you goodies filled with love, I’m obviously your best choice.

3. I speak/read the following in order of fluency: French, Latin, Spanish.

4. I taught myself to read with picture books. That says it all.

5. Whovians, Torchwoodies, and the Sherlocked unite!

I’m a lover of them all, and to quote John Green, inelastic demand is like the way I need the new season of Sherlock. And Doctor Who while we’re on it.

6. The deepest I’ve ever been is 134 feet under sea level. The highest, 12, 570 feet above.

How did I get these crazy places? I’m a certified scuba diver and fairly decent amateur skier. So if there are any mentors looking for info on either of these sports (both considered extreme) for a potential WIP, I can provide tons of accurate information and even personal experiences, etc…

7. A soundtrack for my query novel, Skyfire, could be composed entirely of Imagine Dragons’ songs.

Seriously. You have a favorite Imagine Dragons’ song? I’ve got a moment in Skyfire for you. Many moments.

Okay, so those are seven truly fabulous perks of me as a mentee, but I’ve actual reasons, no fear. For mentors interested in Skyfire, I can do more than bake vegan chocolate chip cookies and ski (although it’s debatable if one needs anything more in life except for books). Below are some *gasp* logical reasons to consider mentoring me.

1. Above all, I’m dedicated to diversity.

LGBT themes are one of many elements at play in Skyfire, but in all honestly they’re probably the most important. Skyfire isn’t an issue book; rather, it’s a book where a displaced sixteen year old boy finds a home with a human-like species that isn’t blinded by gender when it comes to love. He fits into this world because of more than his sexuality, and without spoiling too much, I can say much of the novel’s conflict stems from a minority being denied equality for centuries. Skyfire drops a lot of social commentary on American society while also being an urban fantasy with a killer modern romance, a dash of magic, and plenty of face breaking. My goal as a writer is to give voices to all people–regardless of sexual, gender, or cultural identity–and specifically in this novel, teens that aren’t straight. Other than Skyfire, I’ve a WIP featuring an even wider variety of characters that are FBI agents in a special division composed of teens. And for the record, I’m not pitching two works at once.

2. I take criticism well. Or I’ve been told.

And I don’t think people were making it up. My writer’s skin is as thick as it comes and I absolutely live to edit! I’m a planner who leaves room for pantsing, and I rely on revision stages to bring out the best in a first draft. I’m not afraid to torment my MCs, kill off major story arcs, combine characters, etc… While none of this will probably be done during the five week editing period, I’m game for anything to happen.

3. NYC Baby!

But Skyfire‘s not just set in New York City for the bragging rights. As a friend who has lived in NYC all her life told me, she loves that Skyfire captures and enhances the reality of the city. It’s an endlessly diverse pocket of the world, the perfect (and logical!) location for a humanoid but-not-human species to live secretly among humans for centuries. Plus the not-human species is as untamed and diverse as the human population of the city itself.

4. I may be new to social media, but I’m getting there!

Obvious by this being my first blog post, I’m new to the social world, but not to writing. I’m not reserved at all to social media and working to get out there on Twitter (follow me @greermrobinson) and blogging! I’ve already met so many fabulous and generous writers and hope to meet so many more. I’m also a stalker quick to respond to Tweets and emails.

5. As mentioned above, the romance in Skyfire is killer and modern.

The entire novel is from two points of view–one is human, the other not to much–giving a distinct look at a romance from both sides. Not only will readers be amused by how one MC loves the other for what the other perceives to be faults, but their hearts will be torn as two best friends fight for a political future, one so much bigger then themselves yet so close to home. With the future of their species looking more and more tumultuous, the two might end up forbidden to see each other just as they realize they depend on each other. Readers will adore a relationship, based on friendship, proving teens can handle mature emotional relationships while still being teens. Of course, not to say there isn’t kissing…

And that’s a wrap! Thank you to anyone who read through this. Mentors, I hope you found some interesting tidbits and some insight into my query and first pages if you have them! I’d be ecstatic to work with any of you, and thanks again to Brenda Drake for organizing everything and quelling our #GmailNightmare anxiety attacks, all the mentors for generously donating so much time, all the agent/editors for participating, and all my fellow potential mentees for submitting work!


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